Need help with two big Rescues

Keys jrkeys at
Sat Jun 17 17:32:35 CDT 2006

Great News!!! The Houston Computer Museum has been give two great 
collections, one in GA and one in KS.  We need your help to cover travel 
expenses (fuel and truck rentals) for these two trips to collect these 
items, the estimated cost $1400 for GA and $1000 for KS (was cheaper trip 
but more items were added).  If you can send a small or large donation to 
help,  please send your check to our address below or go to our website and our donation page there to use your credit 
card. If just 2,400 people sent us one dollar each, we could add these 
wonderful items to our collections.

Here's a partial listing of what is being offered:
KS - SEL 810A computer, Data Control Station, Interface Cabinet, Dec LA12 
printer, ASR-33 (2), manuals, software paper tapes, I/O cables, spare cards, 
DEC PDP 11/03, DEC 11/34, PDP manuals, and other goodies. Over 2000 lbs, so 
I need a 16' box truck.

GA - IBM 083 card sorter, IBM 552 card interpreter (2), 029 and 129 key 
punches, IBM patch boards, repair parts for unit record equipment, Tektronix 
scope, multiple SWTP systems, and other goodies. For this load I'm looking 
at getting a 24' box truck.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks  John

Mailing address Houston Computer Museum, 15827 Thistledew Dr., Houston, TX 

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