Free Stuff (and one more)

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Sat Jun 17 20:18:06 CDT 2006

In the off chance that someone might be able to use them, I have:

1 print head and carriage assembly
1 tractor assembly
1 drive rack (the gear type) for the printhead carriage

all from a Okidata Microline 24-pin narrow-carriage printer.

Also a Dell Latitude CPx LCD panel with a slightly torn connector pigtail.
Personal IRIS TFLU skins - complete
and a PI power supply.

All in Renton, WA, but shipping should not be difficult, except perhaps for the skins. Big but light.

Aha- a post-script:

And The Big Boy: a Tektronix model 555 dual-beam oscilloscope, with twin dual-channel plugins (total of 4 traces!). Haven't used it in a while,
so it needs a once-over before being plugged in. 110 Lbs for P/S and scope. Includes manual. No probes. It would be nice to get some sort of a trade for this.

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