OT: Punctuation-starved Programming Languages

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Jun 21 16:48:55 CDT 2006

Jim wrote....
> the Codd people would deny any relation to Pick.  Pick has the addition of
> a simple way to handle the multi dimension problem (what are called 
> values)
> in databases than most SQL databases.  This problem is common in 
> applications that deal with business.

Codd: Going from VERY foggy memory here, but I do remember personally taking 
the Codd rules/tests and applying/satisfying them one at a time with Pick. 
Pick did meet the Codd published rules for being considered a relational 
database. But did Codd people look at Pick is the question - on that, I have 
no clue, but I'd be suprised.

Multivalues - that right there is the magic of Pick. Not just that they 
supported it, but how artfully & easily they supported it because of the 
design. That's what made Pick phenominal.

Jay West

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