Identifying cctalk messages

Jay West jwest at
Mon Jun 26 16:52:34 CDT 2006

>> On Monday 26 June 2006 11:02, Richard Hadsell wrote:
>> > I find it difficult to distinguish some cctalk messages from spam.
>> >Could your mailer add '[cctalk]' to every subject, if it is not already 
>> >there?

Short answer... No.

Longer answer... I used to be with you, I prefered having the mailing list 
put a tag in each subject line. However, the list membership at large 
resoundingly over-ruled me there and I've actually come around to the other 
way of thinking. This topic has come up many times before, and often becomes 
both long and hostile. But the overwhelming majority of people don't want 
the tag in the subject line, so I don't have that option turned on. If the 
majority changes stances, then we'll do it :) I must respectly submit that 
most people who want the subject line tag are those who didn't know that one 
can sort into folders based on header criteria which is actually much more 
accurate and "sensible". It does involve a one time setup of taking an extra 
30 seconds to view the headers of a classiccmp list email and see what we 
provide for you to key on. I'm sure you'll find it's adequate.

In addition, cctalk/cctech traffic is run through a very very effective 
antivirus and spam processing engine. You won't get spam on the cclist.

Jay West 

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