Identifying cctalk messages

Jay West jwest at
Mon Jun 26 16:57:41 CDT 2006

Jim wrote....
>This is not the only list I have that doesent identify itself and it is 
> when you dont know which list sent it.  MOST lists have an identifying
> signature in the subject line!!!

As you say, ClassicCMP isn't the ONLY list you have that "doesn't identify 
itself"[1]. Perhaps there is a reason why we're not the only one. You're 
correct that most lists do have some text in the subject line, but I hardly 
think numbers alone is a cogent argument... that's the same logic that made 
windows the predominant OS these days ;)

Jay West
[1] I beg to differ with your characterization of ClassicCMP list traffic 
"not identifying itself". It actually does identify itself in a way that 
EVERY (yes, EVERY) mailing list identifies itself. Unlike the subject line 
tag, which not all lists do. It's just not identifying itself in the way 
your eyes are looking for. In fact, it's identifying itself in a less error 
prone manner that is much MORE common (actually, 100%, cause pretty much all 
lists have headers identifying the source). 

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