PCWs 25 worst tech products of all time

Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 18:04:09 CDT 2006

> All I can say is that it can't be harder to make a
> functional equivalent 
> chip (say in an FPGA) if you have the manuals, than
> if you don't. OK, 
> there may not be _that_ much information in the tech
> manual, but at least 
> you'll know the functions the chip performs, the
> pinout, etc.

 Although the possibility intriques me to no end,
rather then *attempt* to recreate the dopey chips in
the 2000, I'd probably rather *attempt* to shoe-horn a
whole different graphics subsystem in it's place. It's
a totally vintage approach, in spirit anyway - no one
actually LIKED having an MS-DOZE based puter that ran
oh 25 or 30 programs. They did like the advanced
capabilities though. Wouldn't it be lovely to have yer
cake and eat it too. Trouble is, any graphics chip/s
that have the same gusto as those dopey SMC things
will be just as hard to find/replace. Nothing was
quite as common as the 6845 (although it has been used
in some things that sport 400 lines of resolution,
IINM). The 7220 is somewhat more common, but still
hard to find.
> -tony

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