Identifying cctalk messages

jim stephens jwstephens at
Mon Jun 26 19:55:02 CDT 2006

Jay West wrote:

he is on gmail.  Unless there is a way to get to the headers I don't know
about, gmail is useless.

He sorts his gmail by subject then highlights ranges to get them sorted 
by list.

I am not a gmail fan, but what are you going to do if you aren't paying
anything for it, and that is what mail is worth to you.

He may be using a pop client, but I haven't read enough of yours
and his threads to see if that is so.  Gmail's interface is fast and cheep
which is okay for the price, but I don't care for it.

I already have my own domain and pop3 to mozilla, so i use
mozilla and filter on who sent me the email (I use sent
to "feedme at  if it is there, off into the cctalk bucket.

anyway, that may be his problem, or not.


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