Selling things with lots of gold in them... (natsemi)

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Mon Jun 26 22:28:57 CDT 2006

> The boards in question were standard DEC M-series,
> with vanilla TTL parts.  No gold plating except the
> edge connector, and whatever was used inside the
> plastic DIPs.

Older plastic DIPs? Guess what...

Even with modern SOICs, there are a few bucks per pound in vanilla.
CERDIPs? More than a  few bucks per pound.

>  He paid $50 a board for a few quad or
> hex-width boards.

That is quite high - more than scrap. Who knows.

> I really couldn't tell you what the gold is worth, but
> I have a good idea how much I have to offer for
> certain kinds of boards to pry them away from someone
> who does.

It is very good to know what you are up against.


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