bitsavers crawling?

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Jun 27 04:34:44 CDT 2006

Jay West wrote:
> Of course, if you were using any of the many many mirrors, this wouldn't 
> have been the issue. Did you try a mirror?

*cough* ummm..

Jim asked me the same question privately just after I posted, which reminded 
me that there *were* mirrors (I don't use bitsavers that often, valuable 
resource though it is, so have only ever gone to the main site) - I'd gone in 
via a link to the document area I was interested in, otherwise I would have 
seen the mirrors list and thought: "aha!" :-)

(Actually, a "site slow? try one of our mirrors" link at the top of each page 
might not be a bad idea if easily done, assuming others are as forgetful as me 
and also have areas of the site that they're interested in directly bookmarked 
such that they don't go via the main page)

Anyway, yeah. Mirrors. Good point. Oops. :-)



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