Macintosh question (G3, 7 years old, so OT)

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Thu Jun 29 00:22:21 CDT 2006

> > I remember accidentally doing this, is this what caused the smashing-glass
> > sound to come from the machine?  I remember my friend and I were cracking up
> > pretty hard when we heard that.
> The smashing glass sound is a pretty standard Mac sound for many
> models when something goes wrong in the boot process.  I would _think_
> you need a CPU to get it, but there can still be something
> substantially hosed (i.e., no chance of video, no disks, no RAM...)
> just as long as the CPU can read ROM and write to the sound chip.

Correct, a dead CPU = no glass ^_^

You also hear chimes of death on earlier Mac models. Spooky.

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