Philip Pemberton philpem at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Jun 29 14:41:39 CDT 2006

Zane H. Healy wrote:
> Does anyone have a list of favorite RBL's (Real-time Spam Black Lists)?  I'm
> currently using the following and am looking for something a bit better.
> RBLs: relays.orbs.org, sbl.spamhaus.org, relays.ordb.org,
>         bl.spamcop.net

sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org. Blocks messages based on the ROKSO list (like the SBL), 
but also blocks machines that are known to have been infected with viruses.

Problem is, it can be a little over-eager. If at all possible, set a few 
whitelists based on the "To:" header for your mailing lists, and use something 
like SpamAssassin to do scoring-based analysis. Don't waste your time with 
Bogofilter. It doesn't work worth a damn. In my case, it had a false negative 
rate of nearly 98%. And that's *after* I fed it about a thousand spams, 
another thousand legitimate messages, and my classiccmp, PICList and TekScopes 
mailing list archives.

I'm working on my own filter at the moment, tentatively nicknamed "HAMster". 
It's written in C, and is intended to be "a faster SpamAssassin". I'm working 
on getting the code into a releasable state, then I'm going to set up a little 
web site for it. I'm also open to suggestions of better names - one of my 
friends suggested "SpamNinja" and "SpamSamurai", can anyone here do better?

Reason I'm doing it is because I want to use my Linksys NSLU2 to block spam, 
and SpamAssassin takes well over 30 seconds per message just for the text 
filtering (with RBL lookups turned off).

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