ISO: Compaq Portable 3 "docking station" (?)

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu Jun 29 21:03:25 CDT 2006

Joe R. wrote:
> At 10:05 AM 6/29/06 -0700, you wrote:
>> I'd like to find a docking station/expansion chassis
>> for my Portable 3.  It's my understanding that this
>> will hold *two* (full size?) ISA cards. 
>    It's been awhile so I'm not positive but I think it takes 3/4 length
> boards and IIRC one slot is 8 bit and the other is 16 bit.

I'll have to dig out the boards and check actual sizes.
I may also have to do some rework on the boards -- the
daughter card (memory) may need to be moved to the back/front
depending on the actual mechanical details of the case.

>  I'm hoping
>> that this will be a good, *compact* home for my
>> Opus PM (I'd hate to have to set up a regular PC
>> for this -- the Portable 3 has the advantage of the
>> built in display, etc.).
>> Alternatively, can anyone suggest something that will
>> hold two full size ISA cards in a similarly small
>> footprint?  Ideally, with a COLOR display instead
>    I've seen similar luggables that have color screens. A lot of them were
> originally used for network snoopers. I have a color one somewhere. I don't
> remember who made it but I think Dolch built some. You might check E-bay

Ah, I can check on that.

> for Dolch computers. The snoopers usually have three slots but I don't
> think ANY of the lunch box size machines will support a FULL length card.
> They simply not big enough. If you really need to use full size cards then
> check for one of the suitcse size Compaq Portable or Portable II or
> something of that size.

I originally had this installed in "luggage".  But, that was
just way too big to store for that "dedicated use".  So, I
pulled the cards (I have a couple of PM's) figuring I could
always install them into a new machine as needed.  If push
comes to shove, I can dig up an old ISA 386 (etc.) and
work from there...

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