Why do people keep stealing my work :(

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 30 07:16:34 CDT 2006

Stan Barr wrote:
> Hi,
> Fred Cisin said:
>>> Allegedly, map printers (cartographers) have errors in their
>>> street maps to help identify blatant copies.  I guess they figure
>>> the effort to verify all of the street names, etc. makes it
>>> unlikely that a counterfeiter would catch the deliberate error...
>>> not sure how this has changed with more modern technology.
>> Monmonier says that it continues.
> The British Ordnance survey and "A to Z" street maps certainly do this.
> I found one of their deliberate errors in the latest edition of our
> local area map.

I've always meant to go and see if "Donkey Town" actually exists. It's on some 
OS maps and not others (plus it doesn't look like a separate place, but part 
of some other village anyway). I've always wondered if it was an anti-copying 
measure... (odd enough name too; not many places in the UK actually end in 'town')



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