VX42 Multia versus 3000-300X

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Wed Jun 14 06:05:31 CDT 2006

Zane H. Healy wrote:
> At 8:05 AM -0400 6/13/06, Doc Shipley wrote:
>> Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>> IIRC, that would be another advantage to the 300X, it should be able 
>>> to take more RAM than the Multia.  HOWEVER, you'd best look into what 
>>> kind of RAM it takes and how much it has.  Depending on the model, it 
>>> might be cheaper to get a better system than to upgrade the RAM. This 
>>> is why my AlphaStation 500/333 sits unused with only has 96MB RAM, 
>>> and you don't even want to know what I paid for it :^(
>>   I'm trying to remember which DEC3000-300 I have.  I'm pretty sure 
>> it's a 300X, but I'm away and my wife gets irked if I call her to look 
>> at model numbers.  :)
>>   Anyway, it takes regular 36-bit parity, 72-pin SIMMs.  The memory in 
>> mine came out of an Indigo^2.
> I believe only one or two models of the 3000 take 72-pin SIMMs.  My 
> 3000-300LX does, and it's also one of the slowest Alpha's out there. I 
> have coworker who has a 3000 and her system uses decidedly non-standard 
> RAM.

   I sort of remember that all the 3000-300 models take "regular" parity 
72-pin.  I have a 3000-600 that most certainly doesn't.

   Do you find the 300LX to be slower than a Multia (running the 
standard 2.5" drive)?


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