Amiga Workbench 3.1 ROMS

Roger Merchberger zmerch-cctalk at
Mon Jun 19 12:27:14 CDT 2006

Rumor has it that Adrian Graham may have mentioned these words:
>Hi Folks,
>Has anyone got a set of Workbench 3.1 ROMs they'd be willing to part with
>for less than epay and internet vultures want for them? My A4000 needs them
>so I can install OS3.9 and get instant accelerator action :)

I have a late model 4000T (technically offtopic - built in '98) with I 
*believe* 3.1 Roms in it - tearing it apart now...

=-= away from computer, leatherman in hand... =-=

Visually confirmed - I have 3.1 Roms in it, and they're socketed.

If you can tell me the chip and/or pinout, I can tell you if I have any 
chips in stock to burn.

Now, I have a question:

I have the bog-standard A3640 Rev 3.1 CPU card (25Mhz 68040) in mine - will 
this card support a 33Mhz CPU if I swap the 50Mhz oscillator with a 66Mhz?

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