Scanning Microfiche

jim stephens jwstephens at
Mon Jun 19 19:29:03 CDT 2006

Zane H. Healy wrote:

> Very nice!  What are the physical dimensions of each page on the 
> actual microfiche?  Also what resolution did you scan at?
> The scanner would be used for more than just microfiche, which makes 
> the 8x10 capability desirable.
>             Zane

The physical dimensions on the fiche was such that there were 14 8 x 10 
sheets across a fiche.  I don't have
the fiche around to look at and measure.

remember 8 x 10 transparentcy is a huge amount of data at high 
resolution.  most film negatives
are no where near that big.

I bought the scanner I have to scan 5 x 7 glass photo negatives from the 
1800's that are
in my family, and that is the largest format I have.  I only ever used 
and could afford
4 x 5 negative film when i was shooting anything larger than 220 roll 
film, so I have
very little larger than that.

the scanner will handle legal size, I think but not photo transparencies 
that large.

What I meant to say earlier was the the scans when I finished had the 
same bit dimension
as if one had scanned 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper, black and white at 200 
dpi (IIRC).


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