Scanning Microfiche

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Jun 20 05:21:49 CDT 2006

jim stephens wrote:
> Zane H. Healy wrote:
>> Very nice!  What are the physical dimensions of each page on the 
>> actual microfiche?  Also what resolution did you scan at?
>> The scanner would be used for more than just microfiche, which makes 
>> the 8x10 capability desirable.
>>             Zane
> The physical dimensions on the fiche was such that there were 14 8 x 10 
> sheets across a fiche. 

Hmm, that's interesting. We're still on the look-out for something that can 
scan DEC fiche, which IIRC is 16 x 13 pages per fiche. Of course the actual 
scanning's only half the problem - there's also the issue of feeding the data 
in and out of the scanner if it's going to be used for any kind of 
preservation work, rather than one-off scans.

We've got about a million ICL fiches too that could benefit from scanning, but 
luckily those are just a single A4 page per fiche and so a little more manageable.



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