NetBSD and old hardware curiosity; sliding off to Linux on Indy

JP Hindin jplist at
Tue Jun 20 15:27:18 CDT 2006

On Tue, 20 Jun 2006, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > If you want to build Perl or X or the kernel, what do you do?  Start the
> > make and come back in a week?
> Well, yeah ;) when my IIci was my "primary" server in the apartment, kernel
> builds took about 8-10 hours.

Reminded me of building things on my first SGI - an Indy R4600 133mHz.
I built X manually, which took a rather remarkable twenty-two hours to
finish the make. Out of sheer masochism I then built Qt and KDE, which
took a little longer.

Boy does that 195mHz R10k SGI Indigo2 seem quick.


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