bitsavers crawling?

Jay West jwest at
Mon Jun 26 20:33:26 CDT 2006

Jules wrote....
> anyone else having trouble accessing bitsavers in the last couple of days? 
> transfers seem to be prone to massive slowdowns ( < 2KB/s ) from here (but 
> other sites are fine).
Well, the first and most obvious question is - which mirror were you trying 
to pull the files from?

If it was the local bitsavers on classiccmp... Quest had a "bad hair day" 
and dropped a router. As it happens, the way they re-routed stuff, traffic 
to me (and many others) in St. Louis was routed oddly - like... washington 
or something. In any case, there were drops and now there is delays during 
the re-route. The last status I got from about 2 hours ago was "we should 
have it fixed and back to routing as normal in a few hours".

Of course, if you were using any of the many many mirrors, this wouldn't 
have been the issue. Did you try a mirror?

Jay West 

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