M7800 setup - need help

Wolfe, Julian ISC277 at CLCILLINOIS.EDU
Tue Jun 27 18:48:54 CDT 2006

Well, I got my 11/34 working, it comes up to a console and it all works

I have a second M7800 card but I'm not real sure how to configure the
address and interrupt vectors on the card.  I did figure out that:

A. I have the 4.608 mhz crystal, allowing me to do 9600 baud with it.
B. I removed the two caps that were in place according to the manual "FOR
110 and 150 BAUD ONLY"
C. How to set the 9600 baud rate for both send and receive
D. How to set 1 stop bit, no parity, and 8 data bits.

So I'm good to go with it except for two problems:

1. When it is put in to replace the DL11-W (which would be much easier to
reconfigure later, what with its switches), it causes the machine to halt at
173524 on powerup (this also happened before I removed the two caps, so it's
not that).

I just want to set this thing up as the serial console, for 9600, N/8/1.
Can someone help me out?


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