HD formatting utils for DOS

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> I've been an owner of System Commander since about 1995.  It won't let
> you exceed problems that are built-in to DOS, but it makes life easier
> all around.  It can resize partitions and filesystems, so you don't lose
> data repartitioning; it can store several DOS OSes in a single FAT16
> partition (I have MSDOS 6.22, IBM DOS 2000, and Caldera 7.03 in the same
> FAT16 2G partition), and other neat stuff.
> MSDOS 6.22 boots from a single 2G or smaller primary partition 0 -- 
> that's it, there's no way of getting around it.  SCSI or IDE, doesn't
> matter:  Must be primary partition 0, and smaller than 2 gig.  Later
> versions are a little more flexible; I believe IBM PC DOS 2000 can boot
> from any primary partition, for example, but don't quote me on that.
> FreeDOS might be more flexible in that area as well.
> Now, if all you want is more drive space, just create an extended
> partition and create as many 2G logical drives as you like.  Depending
> on your BIOS and drive, you may run out of drive letters before space :-)
> If you need partitions/drives over 2G, you'll need to run something
> other than FAT16 DOS.  Win9x FAT32 (shows up as "MS-DOS 7", whatever
> that is) allows for extended partition sizes up to 127G I think, again,
> don't quote me on that.
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I don't care about the DOS booting partition, 2GB is fine for that. I wanted
something that would allow a D: drive greater then 2GB and still allow DOS
6.22 to read and write to it. It would also have to allow Win 3.11 to read
and write to the drive.

I don't want to have issues with DOS 7.x (AKA Win 95 OEMSR2 with fat32)
since I still want to run win 3.11 and use some cranky old video capture

Outside of DOS 7.x is there any other solution available?

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