OT: Treo 650 for sale

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Wed Jun 28 03:24:53 CDT 2006

Sorry about this gross OT-ness, but maybe someone here is interested.

I ordered the new Treo 700p today, so my 650 is for sale.  It's currently on
the Sprint network.  There is one very, very, very tiny scratch on the
screen which doesn't interfere with its usage at all.  The phone speaker is
broken (callers can hear you, you can't hear them) which I'm told by Sprint
will cost less than $50 to fix.

I'm asking for $100 as-is (charger and original manual included) and
whatever the shipping cost is from U.S. postal code 07081.

Please reply off-list to avoid further ticking off the purists.   :)

- Evan    evan at snarc.net

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