an odd PC seen in a thrift store (?)

Tim Riker Tim at
Wed Mar 1 03:40:26 CST 2006

Chris M wrote:
> the talk of a peculiar USR pc made me remember this.
> There used to be a (primarily) electronic junk store
> in LI called Eldies (Edlies?) on Hempstead Tnpk in
> Levittown I guess. Sitting there one day was an all in
> one, IIRC, NCR unit that booted up to an a:> prompt.
> It struck me as a weirdish dos semi compatible. It
> didnt strike me as a PC4 or the nearly identical
> Decision Mate (cpm). Pretty sure it was NCR, but eh
> maybe it was NEC (definately NOT an APC, not quite
> that big and heavy). Anyone have a clue?

The Japanese NEC PC-9800 series booted with A: as the boot drive even if
it booted off a hard disk. the floppies would become the next drives.

Was the text in japanese?

I did software development on some of these models back around 1990. All
the M$ tools were available for them, but only from Japanese dealers and
only in Japanese.

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