dec plastic panel mounts - ordering?

vrs vrs at
Fri Mar 3 19:39:16 CST 2006

> metal would fix that. And I doubt metal would cause the plastic sleves on
> the panels to break, I mean - the original plastic balls on the mounts are
> very hard plastic, so no give. In this application, no more give than
> I would think.

The plastic that I am using is a little less brittle, and deforms a little
more easily.  Makes it nice and "sticky" in this application.  I am sure it
is possible to break them, but I haven't done it (yet?).  And it doesn't
matter much, unless there is a supply shortage!

I think the key problem with these panels is that if one side comes loose
and the other doesn't, the panel becomes a long lever arm, snapping off
the plastic tabs.  I have little doubt a stronger tab could lead to damage
to the panel's sockets.


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