Heathkit H8 (new unbuilt) on ebay

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 14 18:15:58 CST 2006

> James Gessling wrote:
> > I'd build it for sure.  The journey is the reward.
> The problem is that it makes very little economic sense.  I'd rather get 

So? Very little that we do with classic computers makes economic sense. 
Does it make economic sense for me to spend 6 months working out how to 
repair a scientific calculator when I could buy a 'better' one in the 
local supermarket for 5 quid? I did just that a few years back (the fact 
that the calculator in question was the HP9100 might have something to do 
with why I did it ;-))

> an assembled heathkit for much less money and take it apart and put it 
> back together again repeatedly until I know it forwards and backwards. 

Desoldering components from PCBs is not something I would want to do for 
fun. Sure I do it all the time for repair. And then there are wires that 
will have been cut to length, component leads that have been trimmed, 
etc. I don;t think you _could_ disassemble a Heathkit (or anything like 
that) back to the origianl state.

And there;s one other reason. I hate to see machines that are not given 
the chance to run. A box of bits doesn't interest me at all. [The same 
view was mentioned by a chap called Eric Smith (not the one here :-)) in 
a boot on clock repairing. Clock enthusiasts hate the idea of clocks that 
aren't given the chance to run]


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