old 8088 system course++

Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 19:47:55 CST 2006

to ericmac at swissinfo.org:

what are you trying to accomplish? I currently, and am
no gewroo by any stretch, am entertaining the notion
of connecting an IBM PC compatible video card to my
IBM PC incompatible Tandy 2000 (in which ways is it
incompatible...EVERY way). I'm studying here and
there. Reading and learning a little bit. I have loads
of books on the subjects. Tell me what it is you're
trying to do...and it helps to be specific (i.e.
focused). Then you know the right questions to aks. Of
course you have to learn some basics to even know what
it is you want to know...
 I do have schematics that I can send you also. 

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