old 8088 system course++

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Wed Mar 15 15:07:03 CST 2006

I haven''t been following this thread too closely, but a very useful book
that straddles the hardware/software issue with the 8088/86 is "8086/8088
16-Bit Microprocessor Primer" by Chris Morgan and Mitch Waite, McGraw-Hill,
1982, ISBN 0-07-043109.  Even has a fairly detailed section on the Great
Hope of Intel at the time, the iAPX-432 chipset, as well as a brief mention
of the 186 and 286.

Orientation is somewhat CP/M-ish and moderately historical.  It's got a
section on the IBM Acorn (mentions that a 48K, one floppy system is listed
at $3830, but is going for $2235 at Computerland) and is a direct
competitor to Radio Shack and Apple systems.  Mentions CP/M-86 extensively
and says that PC-DOS is CP/M-like and treats MS-DOS as if it were a
completely different animal from MS-DOS (just a few sentences on either).

If you can't find one, I think I've got an extra copy I might be convinced
to part with.


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