NEC APC boot disks CP/M-86 and DOS

Chris M chrism3667 at
Wed Mar 15 18:08:26 CST 2006

if you get the little asterisk on yer screen there,
you're probably alright. I recently pulled the floppy
drives out of one of my APCs aiming to plug them into
a pc using Dave Dunfield's instructions (those NEC
drives use a 50pin plug, so I'm going to have to
either etch an adapter board or do something else
freaky). Once there, I presumably could not only image
the disks I do have (condition unknown) - Dos, DBase
II, and Autocad I think - but also create boot disks
from Dave's or my images. I don't put alot of stock in
old floppies, but when the golden day comes, I could
mail you a disk or two, don't know if they'd work or
not, but that's not going to be this week. Probably
not next or the week after either. The other option is
to set up a modern pc with a hd 1.2meg 5 1/4" drive,
burn images to that, then plug that into your APC.
Worth a try.

--- Dave Dunfield <dave06a at> wrote:

> > Anybody out there willing to snail mail me a
> couple of 8" boot disks for the
> > original APC?  I've got 2 of these sitting around
> with no software, wanted to
> > test them out. If so please contact me off-list.
> I have images of MS-DOS, CP/M-86 and UCSD Pascal
> boot disks for the
> APC posted to my site (ImageDisk format).
> --
> dave06a (at)    Dave Dunfield
> dunfield (dot)  Firmware development services &
> tools:
> com             Collector of vintage computing
> equipment:

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