power up a 10 year dormant MicroVax II

Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 15 20:24:50 CST 2006

hmmm caps failing. Another lister powered on a puter
hes going to send me. After a few hours one cap was
had cooked itself to perfection...mmmmmm love that
smell. Maybe then I should run the p/s under load for
a few hours at least. I like my caps well toasted but
not my chips!
--- cctech-bounces at classiccmp.org
<mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA> wrote:
> > of course Id take some time to poke around inside,
blow out the dust,
> > etc., but I was cautioned against even powering it
up without
> > enlisting -local help- since its been sitting for
so long.  Should I
> > take such warnings seriously?
> In general, yes.  In the case of a uV2?  I don't
think so, though I'm
> sure there are better people to speak definitively
about it.  I've seen
> it said that the uV2 is recent enough that there is
little-to-no chance
> that the electrolytics have failed sitting.
> My experience bears this out - I've done a few uV2
turn-ons after long
> years idle, with no failures - but the sample size
is too small to lend
> any statistical validity to that.
> 					der Mouse

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