FA: Dec RF-71 Disk Drive

compoobah at valleyimplants.com compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Wed Mar 15 21:39:19 CST 2006

> Well hey, whaddya know. I have a VAX with a DSSI interface :-). I
> was wondering if the picture was showing the DSSI style sled on it.
> My DSSI slots are full, but I gather the TKZ70 tape drive isn't very
> useful... maybe I could put another drive in that bay? If you have one of the VAX 4000 BA4xx series machines, it's very easy - just slide out the tape drive and slide in the disk drive. Fully documented in the BA400 docs on either Manx or bitsavers, can't remember which. DEC used to sell a spacer plate to take up the extra 3/4", but you should be able to get by without it. Smaller MicroVAXen are different, haven't seen one personally so I can't comment.
 Does anyone know what the DEC number is for the DSSI-configured drive sled for BA4x0 (as used on ISEs? Trying to find one, but I can't give a specific model # which makes it difficult)

 Question 2: has anyone tried Moeller's ROM patch for KA41-43 to support >1.03 GB system drives? Looks good, but as I'd have to bribe someone with access to an EPROM burner to do it for me I want to check it out first

 please respond on-list, my E-mail seems to have started diverting incoming messages direct to the bit-bucket.

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