manually installing MSDOS...

Glen Goodwin acme_ent at
Thu Mar 16 16:09:15 CST 2006

Angel Martin Alganza wrote:
> Well, how about QNX?  They had an evaluation single 1.44MB floppy with
> their operating system including the neutrino graphic environment.  It
> also had some software on in (browser, web server, editor, email
> client, etc).  Unfortubnately they took it out of their site some some
> ago.

Well, that's a shame.  I have a copy of that diskette
right here on my desk, and the is in a directory
on this hard drive (the .zip file includes the utility to
create the bootable QNX diskette).

If anyonme wants it drop me a note off-list and I'll
email it to you.

I played with it a lot once, and it includes a browser --
you can get dial-up 'Net access (assuming a serial modem device)
with a GUI and multitasking on a single "1.44MB" floppy diskette.

(former QNX developer)

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