Tony Duell ard at
Sun Mar 19 13:19:32 CST 2006

> Just picked up an interesting piece of hardware.  
> It's a Thunderscan,  The working end replaces the ribbon cartridge in an  
> Imagewriter,  The page to be scanned is fed in to  the printer and  the 
> optical sensor then scans the page.  
> It came with a 512  Mac with the demo tape, and reset clip, and floppies  
> still in the box.  It powers up OK, but after a while goes blank, a tap to 
> the side restores the screen.  

Probably a dry joint on the 'analogue board' (PSU and monitor circuits). 
It's the board mouted vertically, crack the case and look for cracked 
joints, etc. There _are_ high voltages on this board, but I don't think 
anything stays charged for long after you've unpluged it from the mains.

> Has anyone else seen a thunderscan?

Never seen one, but I rememebr reading about it in Byte all those years ago..


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