Nixdorf LK-3000 on Yahoo! auctions

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Mar 21 18:30:58 CST 2006

> >>> Is this the machine that can't work without a module because there's no
> processor in the main machine?
> Yes.  By itself, the machine is just a one-line LED screen, a chicklet
> keyboard, and a cartridge slot.  All of the computation is done in the

Right. Any chips at all ? (LED drivers, for example). I asusme this means 
that unrepairable faults are likely to be in the modules (e.g. a dead 
microcontroller, which will be custom programmed) and not in the machine 

> modules.  Most of the modules are for language translation.  But two of the
> modules are really interesting -- Electronic Notepad (#LK-3500) and Filing
> System (#LK-1001) which give the system primitive word processing and a
> flat-file database.  There was a scientific calculator module as well, and

Ah, nothing _that_ exciting, then.

I was hoping for soemthing that was user-programmable (even a 
programmable calculator). I assume the calculator module is not RPN, 
which instantly meakes it unusable for me.


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