NCD firmware

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Mar 17 16:13:40 CST 2006


I asked this on the REScUE list a week or so ago and belatedly
realized *this* would be a better forum.  So...

Does anyone happen to have access to an NCD-19c/88K running
firmware (i.e. boot ROM) more recent than 2.6.0?  (this is
displayed at the top of the screen during memory test/IPL;
it is also visible from the NCD "console" once NCDware is

Likewise, I am looking for boot ROMs newer than 2.6.1 for
the NCD-19r (different beast).

If so, I would love to get my hands on a copy of the ROMs (I
can duplicate them if you are willing to loan them to me for
2 * mailing_time).

I'd also be interested in new versions of the ROMs for the 14c
(I'll have to see what the most recent version I have for these)

Alternatively, if there is a repository on-line someplace
that has these images... (?)  I'd be willing to start
archiving ROM images if there is a need (I have a few
older versions -- though chasing down release notes for
all of them may be a chore)

Yeah, I know, they're all boat anchors... :>  But, with a little
TLC they seem to just keep humming...

Thanks for any help!

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