Adds Computers and the Tandy 10

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>There is a Tandy 10 sales flyer on my website at
>Picked up that flyer at a Radio Shack back in 77-78. 
>That's all I've ever seen on the system.

That terminal certainly looks like an ADDS.  I suspect that Tandy merely
served as the market outlet; that they actually had nothing to do with

Sadly, that's the story for a lot of microcomputer stuff from about this

I call this the "We're already using an MPU in our (fill in the blank); if
we just stuck a couple of disk drives and a printer on it, we'd have a
comptuer system to sell" stage.  For example, does anyone remember the
Diablo Systems Merchant?  Or the countless word processing systems like
Artec that came out at around that time?  The next stage was the marketing
of systems by firms (Apple, Osborne, Kaypro, etc.) whose primary business
was computers, not peripherals.  And still, marketing was a tough nut: if
you didn't already have a market presence--so you sacrificed a piece of the
action to someone who had the necessary presence.

Sometimes the marketing ideas were a little strange--as in the TI retail
stores, or expecting that Sears could sell AT&T 6300's.  The firm I was
with around 1978 paid a good hunk of change to have their computer in one
of those display cases at the San Francisco Airport. 

Much of the history of that first stage seems to have largely sunk into the
primordial ooze.


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