Sun drive array

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sun Mar 19 14:45:58 CST 2006

Edward wrote:
> That's an RSM 2000.
> A controller box with up to 5 trays.

So, what I have is a "tray" (?)

> It uses differential scsi to the controller, as well as
> from the controller to the array's.

Yes, but is it LVD to the tray or HVD?
E.g. I have found that the D1000 is *H*VD -- so my *L*VD
controllers won't talk to it.  :-(

> Each array can be used as a JBOD if you like.

Ah, thanks.

> 4.3 GB disks were used if I remember correctly.

These are 9's, I think.  But half height so I can't just pull
the drives and stuff them into something else...

> The RSM was between the SSA10x and the A3500.


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