Sun drive array

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sun Mar 19 13:41:57 CST 2006


I've got one of these (below) drive arrays:

I.e. *just* the drive assembly.  But, from digging around,
I *think* it is not just a JBOD (like a D1000) but, rather,
requires "something else" in order to make the electrons
do their magic dance.

Of course, I don't *have* that "something else"!  :-(

*But*, I would be quite happy using it as *just* a JBOD!

My question(s):  the box has what appears to be a HD SCSI connector
on the back of it -- though it doesn't carry the expected SCSI
logo (or any other similar labeling).  Is this, in fact, a standard
SCSI i/f?  Or, is it some bastard interface intended to talk to
that "other box" and coincidentally using a SCSI-ish connector?
If it is a SCSI i/f, is it HVD, LVD, wide, etc.?  (I ask because
I have had all sorts of trouble trying to talk to a D1000).

Thanks for any pointers!

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