grease advice needed

C Fernandez fernande at
Sun Mar 19 18:42:37 CST 2006

Pete Turnbull wrote:
> It should be OK.  I've used silicon grease, even very thick types.  You
> can get special safe-for-plastic greases; they're used in the
> automotive industry to prevent plastic trim from squeaking, for
> example.

This is good info..... I'd like to be able to re-apply, or apply this 
when I work on my vehicles.

> However, although I'm sure it's not what Sony et al had in
> mind, I've successfully used silicon-based furniture polish with great
> success.  I have monitors which have been cleaned and then lubricated
> with that a decade ago, and are still perfectly happy.

I briefly though about that.   I didn't think ti would hold up, However. 
  In this situation, the whole (heavy) monitor rides on this, so a 
thicker product seemed the way to go.

> My advice would
> be not to buy anything specially, if you already have something that
> seems like it will do.

I purchased the Sil-Glyde that Chuck recommended, but it was under $1 
for a little packet, so no big deal.  Besides, I like trying new 
products :-)

Thanks for your suggestions.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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