Where have all the Selectrics gone?

Kapteyn, Rob kapteynr at cboe.com
Tue Mar 21 17:34:13 CST 2006

Kilobaud is probably a good guess.

I do remember that the kit I saw had a table in PROM that looked up
a "tilt" and "rotation" for the Selectric Ball.
It was clunky, but a bit more elegant than "104 solenoids".

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On Tue, 21 Mar 2006, Kapteyn, Rob wrote:
> It would be cool ...
> ... but can't recall what publication it was in ...
> Byte, Dr. Dobbs, Computer Notes ???
> I suspect that someone else on this list might have seen it...

I think that it may have been Kilobaud.

There was an outfit in Walnut Creek that sold a conversion kit that
mounted under the Selectric.  Fairly complex, and required tinkering to
keep it running.

There were also a number of units that consisted of boxes full of
solenoids that sat on top of the keyboard, such as KGS80 and Rochester

At the West Coast Computer Faire, around about the 5th or 6th one, there
was an outfit demo'ing a unit with lots of pulleys and fishing line, that
was printing on a MANUAL typewriter.

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