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C Fernandez fernande at
Tue Mar 21 23:22:42 CST 2006

Tony Duell wrote:
> At least over here, 'Super Glue' is a brand name I think.

Yes, I think it's a cello-tape/scotch-tape = all cellophane tape, no 
matter who made it, type situation.

> You must have the 2-part epoxy adhexives (both the overnight setting one 
> and the 'five minute' one), right? 

We do have 2-part epoxies, but my use of them has been quite limited. 
I've used a product called JB-Weld, that I assume is an epoxy.  I waited 
overnight for it to set.  I've never used a 5-minute type, but that 
doesn't mean they aren't commonly available.  I just don't use adhesives 
that often.  Usually I'm trying to remove an adhesive :-)

> 'VOM' is not commonly used in England at all. In fact most engineers over 
> here would have to think what you were talking about. AVO is a brand name 
> -- the company made a lot of nice test gear, inclduing valve testers (you 
> get my Mk4 over my dead body...), transistor testers, signal generators, 
> etc. But they are most famous for multimeters -- AVO is an acronym for 
> Amps, Volts, Ohms. Many engineers over here will ask for 'An Avo' when 
> they want any old multimeter.

I'm not sure if VOM is used much over here anymore.  AVO really makes 
more sense, since a lot of meters also measure current, besides voltage 
and resistance.  However, AVO stands for something like "Avoid Verbal 
Orders", which is a piece of paper or possibly a form that is issued by 
an member of management to an employee.  I believe it had a wide range 
of uses in a factory, but has fallen out of favor now.... so much so 
that I don't really understand exactly what an AVO is.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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