woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Fri Mar 31 12:47:48 CST 2006

Trimmed reply
> I will look at what Byte Paperbacks I have.  They are all about
> the 6800 (or perhaps more general: Motorola processors).  I never
> quite liked the Intel stuff, but that is an other topic :-)
> I will probably make scans (next week) of the books I find in
> the attic (this weekend), so I will post a list.
> RA6800ML will be first, but if there is interest for some others,
> I will scan them in order of # requests.
> As a packratt I will indeed not sell books, except the case where
> I have more than one copy. "VAX Architecture" or something like it
> comes to mind ...

>>Now, I remember these paperbooks were not too thick (I once 
>>had Emmerichs Tiny Assembler and MONDEB from that class - 
>>unfortunately got lost - TinyAsm at least can be copied from 
>>old 1977 Byte issues), so I'am not sure whether it will wear 
>>out more than by simply reading the book. Unless you have a 
>>multi-page scanner where you'd have to destroy the spine.

Hey I want them for general reading. How many people still
have old Bytes in the local libraries? I liked the tiny assembler
because if I remember right you had structured code to save on
program lables.

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