Anybody has an IMP? or a TIP?

Joe R. rigdonj at
Fri Mar 24 11:32:06 CST 2006

At 11:30 AM 3/24/06 +0800, you wrote:
>Was thinking about the previous day when I watched the ARPAnet
>documentary, and was drooling over the blinkenlights of the IMP and
>Anybody in this list has either an IMP 

  Nope but I have a NS Pacer which suceeded it. I also have an operators (I
think) manaul for the IMP.


or a TIP?
>Or even an unmodified H516?
>Wonder what exactly are the differences between a virgin H516 and an IMP?
>Heck if we have 2 of those IMPs, we could string a 50kbps line, and
>build Internet2 all over again! :-)

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