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	Plenty of LVD compatible PC-based host adapters available. The Tekram DC390U/W comes immediately to mind, as does Adaptec's AHA2940U2W.

	Happy hunting.

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On 18-Mar-06 at 22:56 Robert Borsuk wrote:

>I have a bunch of these drives and I use them in my SGI systems.   
>I've never been able to find a controller that let's me use them in a  
>PC.  If you find one that works, I would appreciate hearing about.
>On Mar 18, 2006, at 2:11 PM, Roy J. Tellason wrote:
>> On Friday 17 March 2006 05:50 pm, Don Y wrote:
>>> Roy J. Tellason wrote:
>>>> Got a box of SCSI drives a while back,  and in there is one that's
>>>> apparently 18G,  but it's marked "LV-D" which from my  
>>>> understanding of
>>>> things won't work with anything I have here.  Can any of you guys  
>>>> use
>>>> this?
>>>> Ideal for me would be a trade for something roughly comparable in  
>>>> size...
>>> Most likely Low Voltage Differential.
>> What I was thinking...
>>> Many LVD drives can also be run single-ended (either by autosensing
>>> the connection *or* with a strapping option on the drive).
>>> Without a model number, it's hard to tell.
>> I don't know why (and can't seem to lay hands on the book I was  
>> using for
>> reference in this) I assumed that it couldn't be used single- 
>> ended.  The
>> model is IBM DNES-318350 E182115 F,  and yeah,  it does say "LVD/ 
>> SE" on
>> there.   :-0
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