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Fri Mar 24 09:11:07 CST 2006

>Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 09:21:23 -0500
>From: Mike <kenziem at>

>It's a Thunderscan,

>It came with a 512  Mac with the demo tape, and reset clip, and floppies
>still in the box.  It powers up OK, but after a while goes blank, a tap to
>the side restores the screen.

One of the connectors for the cable which joins the logic board to 
the analog board has a bad solder joint on Pin 1.   It's the 
connector on the analog board.   This is an extremely common problem 
on the old 512 and similar Macs.   There's an extra screw in the 
battery compartment for five total.  Once you have the case open, 
just remove the cardboard cover from the analog board, identify the 
pin in question and rehabilitate the solder joint.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the Thunderscan.   I saw 
them back when, but never had one.

Jeff Walther

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