pertec cables?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Mar 24 19:34:05 CST 2006

Richard wrote:
> In article <200603250032.k2P0W7eD005770 at>,
>     Brad Parker <brad at>  writes:
>> Anyone have a set of pertec cables laying around they don't want? (or
>> will sell/trade)
> Same here.  I scrounged up some Pertec compatible controller cards
> from this list and was offered a power cable for my Fujitsu drive, but
> the power cable never arrived.  So I still need a Fujitsu power cable
> and the pertec interface cables.
> Are these cables straightforward enough that they could be made new
> from flat ribbon cable and suitable connectors?

Depends on what you have on each end.  E.g., my controller has
a funky D connector on it  :-/

But, the data rates are quite low so maybe something like
twisted pair ribbon ("rainbow ribbon"?) would work nicely.
IIRC, all of the odd numbered pins were ground, etc.  And,
the lines are driven with, e.g., LS38's.  I'd have to dig
out a service manual for anything more specific...


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