Replacing 80C188 and 68HC11

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On 3/25/06, Bruce Lane <kyrrin at> wrote:
> Fellow Techies,
>         I have a device (a GPS-referenced clock) that uses an Intel
> N80C188-16 microprocessor, in a 68-lead PLCC package. Odd as it may sound, I
> suspect this chip of being defective, and I've been attempting to locate a
> match for it so I can prove or disprove that theory.
>         The original part is, of course, no longer manufactured as far as
> I can tell. Hunting around on the 'net turned up a couple of modern
> equivalents, one of which is an Intel TN80C188EA20. As near as I can tell,
> the only difference with this chip is that it can be clocked a bit faster
> (20MHz instead of 16), and that it has an extended operating temperature
> range.
>         There are two other possible candidates available, though not in
> stock at the moment. Both are made by Intel. One is the N80C188XL20, and the
> other is the other is the TN80C188XL20.
>         I know just enough about these chips to be wary of differences in
> prefix and suffix letters. With that in mind, I have two questions for the
> group.
>         (1) Of the above replacements I've mentioned, which one is most
> likely to be a direct plug-in replacement for the suspect chip?

 I happen to use 80C188XL. There is a document on line, that talks about how to upgrade
from 80C188 to 80C188XL.

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