ComputerVision Model 32 system

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Sun Mar 26 16:50:59 CST 2006

Gave it the dust-off and vis inspection - Base is a Sun 3/160 system, Sun backplane, 3004 processor and memory cards. it has a non-VLSI CV SCSI/2xTTY card.
The VME terminator cards are CV-proprietary, and are switchable between "VME" and "CV" mode, not sure what the difference is yet.
The case is CV-specific, all drives are front-mounted along with the power supply. Old-IBM type superstrong reinforced-plastic skins.
The "heart" of the CADDS system is the CV-GPU, two cards connected by 3 ribbon cables. One is a Multibus "interface card", the
other is the VME processing part, with 7x AMD 2901 bitslice processors. According to docs, the "GPU" system can be anywhere in the
network displaying on a remote terminal if desired, which differs from SGI-type systems. Not sure exactly what is done in the GPU yet.

The framebuffer is a seperate VME card, with a unusual DB-25 connector to the monitor that I haven't traced yet. There is also a 
bridged Multibus tablet interface card. I have docs, but they don't go very deep into hardware.
Unfortunately, it looks like it uses a dongle for protection, which I don't have. Good news is that it shouldn't be too hard to workaround,
given that it is a ca 1988 machine.
It came with full ComputerVision "4.2 UNIX release 4" tapes, SunOS 3.2 and 3.4 upgrade, SunWrite/SunPaint, CADDS, and some other stuff.

Gave me a smoke signal on the p/s test, from a cap on the VME terminator board. Everything else looks O.K., except for a broken termpwr
wire in the SCSI card.

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