Replacing 80C188 and 68HC11

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Mon Mar 27 02:28:48 CST 2006

(Would it be too much to ask that you not use one-long-line paragraphs?)

> In this same instrument is a Motorola MC68HC11A0FNC11W in a PLCC-52
> package.  I need to find a viable replacement for it as well.  I've
> had a harder time tracking down possible replacements for it.  The
> only ones I've come across so far, that are available without an
> enormous minimum purchase, are the MC68HC11E0CFN2, the
> MC68HC11E1CFN2, and the MC68HC11E1CFN3.

I believe I have a 68HC11 doc book somewhere; in case you don't find
what you need, tell me and I can try to dig it out and see if it
explains the suffixes in enough detail to tell whether any of those
should be workable replacements.

> I do know this much: The Motorola part is operating with an external
> EPROM, so the chip itself is ROMless.

...or running with the ROM disabled; memory (from when I last read that
book) says that a 68HC11 with ROM can be configured to run as if it
were ROMless.

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