who built the first 8086/88 based puter?

Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 28 19:02:07 CST 2006

--- Bob Bradlee <Bob at BRADLEE.ORG> wrote:

> I was the technical editor for Cadence Mag in those
> days, and reviewed a lot of hardware.
> As a hardware reviewer for a monthly AutoCAD news
> rag, I reviewed and collected a lot of early
> poweruser systems and graphic co-processors. 
> Redraw and regen times on large drawings was all
> everyone in the CAD world cared about in the early
> days.
> I had a 386/16 ARL several months before Compaq
> could get the Deskpro 386 to the point they could
> they sent me one to review. 
> Still have my original ARL in storage. Had to send
> the Deskpro back after the eval period but I picked
> one up a few years later. I think it is still in
> attic.

 Aha, knew I was right! ;)
> I am sure the  Zenith Z100 was the first 8085/8088
> dual processor production system that ran both
> processors at the same time. 

 There was also the Rainbow and the Epson QX-16,
though the earlier QX-10 had an aftermarket (Titan)
8088 board that was reasonably compatible from what I

> First 80186 I saw was a  card for an IBM pc about a
> year before the AT came out.
> It was all so long ago :)

 More then likely the Orchid Turbo-186. Got one
somewhere, just haven't seen it in a while. The '186
fell out too :(
 Do still have my Vermont Microsystems dual graphics
card (80188 on board). Emulates CGA pretty well it
seems. No drivers for the advanced modes though :(

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