Tektronix catalogs? Have 1982, 1985 want > 1985

Paxton Hoag innfoclassics at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 23:51:25 CST 2006

I have the 1988 catalog and it shows up in there. I have had a couple
go through my hands also. There is no info on weight and size in the

The 9200T terminal is probably a Tek 4107A from its looks comparing it
and the one in the catalog. As for size and weight I seem to remember
that it is about 17 inches high by 15 or 16 inches wide (13 inch
screen, 640X480) and about 20 inches deep, weighing about 30 pounds. I
couldn't find any published specifications. I have found the keyboards
to be particularly fragile.

I didn't see a picture of the 9201T which could possibly be a Tek
4107A or a Tek 4207.

The 9219s are mainframes and as I remember fairly heavy even though
they were made of aluminium. I seem to remember they are about 12
inches high by about 17 inches wide (will rack mount in a 19 inch
rack) by 24 inches deep. Weight changes with how many cards are
installed and if the drives are still there, full ones were probably
about 45+ pounds.

I think the expansion cabinets were the same size, the mainframe could
take up to three expansion cabinets and if more than one was 
installed they all had to be rack mounted.

There were some I/O modules that were about 5 inches tall. No catalog
number mentioned.

The 9229 is a 9219 mainframe and the 9201T terminal bundled together.

I couldn't find out info on the 9220 and 9221. I suspect they follow
the number protocal of the DAS 9100 series and indicate particular
configuration for specific applications.

If I were to scan the catalog pages what would be the best format to
save them in. I know this has been mentioned before and I should have
paid attention but only recently did I get a scanner that worked.

As to Tektronix catalogs I have 1982, 84, 86, 88, 88 and 1994 and
would be happy to look things up. And no, they aren't for sale......

The Video copier is a Japanese one I seem to remember (Hitachi or
Mitsubishi?) and was B&W only.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me off list.

On 3/29/06, Richard <legalize at xmission.com> wrote:
> The Boat Anchor Manual Archive has the Tektronix catalogs for 1982 and 1985.
> Does anyone know of online copies of the catalog for other years?
> Barring an online copy, does anyone have catalogs after 1985?
> I'm trying to track down size/weight information on the following
> items:
>     PEP301 System Control (may not be Tektronix)
>     HC01 Video/Copier Printer (may not be Tektronix)
>     9200T Color Display Terminal
>     9201T Color Display Terminal
>     9219 Logic Analyzer
>     9219T Logic Analyzer
>     9220 Logic Analyzer
>     9221 Logic Analyzer
>     9229 Logic Analyzer
> If anyone can lookup the size (width, height, depth) and weight of
> those items in their catalog and email them to me, it would be greatly
> appreciated!
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